Positioning Is A Game-Changer: Don’t Let Your Book Disappear

Positioning Is A Game-Changer: Don’t Let Your Book Disappear

by Jane Wesman, President of Jane Wesman Public Relations, Inc.

After all the effort you’ve put into writing your book, you want the media to pay attention. This is true whether you’re a recognized expert or a first-time novelist. As the founder of one of the top book publicity agencies in the country, I’ve been placing authors on television and radio, and into major publications for decades. How do I do it? The key is positioning.

On its most basic level, positioning is the way we describe a book. It clarifies how the book and author stand out, and what benefits the book provides. Without the right positioning, even the most significant book can get passed over by the media. On the other hand, great positioning can help launch a book onto the bestseller lists and keep it fresh for years to come. If you want optimal media exposure for your book, consider the following:

Positioning your book begins with the book title and subtitle. In my experience, there is nothing more important for grabbing the media’s attention than the title and subtitle of a book. This is also key for reaching consumers. Whether I’m pitching the book to the media or a bookstore is displaying a book for sale, it’s the title and subtitle that make the book stand out. Try to choose a title that’s short, pithy, easy-to-remember, and focuses on what makes the book truly unique.

Explain why you are the best person to write this book. In the press release and in your author bio, think about framing your career highlights to clearly support your expertise as an author writing about a particular topic. You may be a business executive writing about personal growth or a medical doctor focusing on natural remedies. What in your background makes you an expert on this topic? Or, if you’re a novelist, reveal something about yourself that gives insight into your fiction.

Demonstrate the book’s concrete benefits to the reader. What are the problems that your book addresses – and how do you help readers solve them? Be specific and focused. Media outlets have very targeted audiences. And you want to reach those audiences. Therefore, you must show how your book will appeal to an outlet’s readers, viewers, or listeners. One of the biggest mistakes I see authors make is trying to position their books to appeal to everyone. By doing that, you weaken your message and end up appealing to no one.

Align your positioning and messaging across all platforms. In order to amplify your book’s positioning, make sure that your messaging is consistent across all platforms. As I explained above, this begins with the title and subtitle, but it also extends to the jacket copy, press release, media pitch letters, author talking points, social media messaging, advertising copy, Amazon listing, and author’s website. In other words, make sure that the book description and author bio on your website align with what has been written in the press release and jacket copy. The same is true for your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Alignment across all platforms is essential to ensure that your message is received loud and clear.

Positioning is the game-changer that can make or break your book. Be careful not to squander this opportunity for success.

03 Aug 2017
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