Five Tips To Promote Your Book – And Your Business – That You Can’t Afford To Ignore

by Jane Wesman, President of Jane Wesman Public Relations, Inc.

If you’re a professional who wants to incorporate your book into your overall marketing plan, here are five tips you can’t afford to ignore. read more →

06 Feb 2016
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4 Secrets To Creating Message Points That Will Grab Attention, Promote Your Book, And Generate Sales

by Jane Wesman, President, and Andrea J. Stein, Publicity Manager
of Jane Wesman Public Relations, Inc.

Your book is written and published, and you’ve taken to heart the truism that it won’t sell without publicity. So you’re about to embark on a series of media interviews. The question is: how can you make the most of these opportunities? read more →

28 Dec 2015
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5 Tips To Ace Your Podcast Interviews And Promote Your Book

By Jane Wesman, president of Jane Wesman Public Relations, Inc.

Being interviewed on a podcast has become an important way for authors to promote their books. Yet many writers don’t take full advantage of the podcast format. read more →

23 Nov 2015
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The Entrepreneurial Author: Four Tips For Marketing Your Book

By Jane Wesman, President, Jane Wesman Public Relations, Inc.

In today’s hyper-competitive publishing world your job as an author does not end when your book is written. The most successful writers are those who think like entrepreneurs – especially when it comes to marketing their books. read more →

23 Oct 2014
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Seven Predictions About The Future Of Work

A blog by JWPR client Dana Ardi, founder of Corporate Anthropology Advisors and author of The Fall Of The Alphas: The New Beta Way To Connect, Collaborate, Influence – and Lead

Everything you thought you knew about the workplace is already outdated. Gone are the days when decisions were made from the top down and when all anyone was expected to do was simply “their job.” read more →

14 Sep 2014
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One Dollar Is Too Much For Most Startups To Spend On Marketing

A blog by JWPR client Drew Williams, managing partner at nuRevenue Partners and co-author of Feed the Startup Beast: A 7 Step Guide to Big, Hairy, Outrageous Sales Growth

Marketing can’t help most startups. Here’s why: most startups are mediocre—mediocre product, mediocre operations, mediocre support. How else do you explain the fact that over half of all startups are gone within five years, and only 30% ever make it to 10 years? read more →

12 Sep 2014
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